We Are Wadsworth & Wells.

The Made In Great Britain Clothing Company.

We believe that if you Feel Good in what you’re wearing, you’ll Look Good, and be ready to go out and Do Good

And our Essential Collection focuses on minimalist, contemporary, ready-to-wear products - engineered to make choosing what to wear a pleasure, not a chore.

Our philosophy is that clothing is about more than just aesthetics; each product is part of the person’s journey, and will come to hold special memories and experiences for the owner, for years to come.

Blue Crest Tee
Black Crest

Our Creative Platform

We're establishing a platform to collaborate with other brands and designers, to provide limited-run Capsule Collections that celebrate the diversity and individualism of creative people throughout Great Britain & around the world. Each Capsule Collection is centred around a theme, and comprises of three to four pieces that showcase the unique talents of the designers involved.

This creative platform extends beyond the fashion industry, welcoming musicians, painters, writers, designers and more. We want to use existing and new technologies to give young creatives the opportunity to showcase their work and processes, while allowing the audience a real glimpse of the work that goes into each capsule collection. Collaboration is an important aim for us, bringing together like-minded people, and pushing meaningful and productive content to the market.


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